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News & Releases

Latest posts from Leading Motive's Mastodon timeline:

Leading Motive

22.03.2024, 22:50

Freshly undug from the , I now present a new -only release of my recordings from 1989-1997 (20 songs). Who would dare listening to those!

17.03.2024, 14:08

Maybe I should advertise this more for my releases.

29.02.2024, 22:55

If you're quick, my will be ("name your price") for a short moment.

Latest release news:

  • On 22 March 2024, a cassette-only release of my analog 4-track tape recordings from 1989-1997, "Niceties" (LMV007), became available, containing 20 songs with a runtime of ~90 minutes.
  • The next 4-track EP "Party on the Moon" is in the works and will hopefully be released in Spring 2024.
  • As of 09 February 2024, the album "Mixtape" (LMV006) is now also available as Audio CD!
  • Since January 2024, you can purchase my whole digital discography at a 30% discount (in this site's shop and on Bandcamp).
  • My anthology of songs from 2000-2007 titled "Mixtape" was released on 09 January 2024 on all digital platforms, Bandcamp, and on Audio Cassette!
  • Since November 2023, Leading Motive's music is playing on the amazing independent radio station Radio Free Fedi!
  • The most recent EP "Neon Lights" is out on all major music streaming services (plus Bandcamp) since 02 December 2022. The release is also available on Cassette in limited numbers (see the Shop page or Bandcamp)!
  • The 2019 EP "Angel Falls" was freshly remixed and remastered in November 2022. There is also a limited Cassette release with one additional bonus track.
  • Since 2019, the music of Leading Motive is published on all major digital platforms thanks to the services of iMusician.
  • The Leading Motive Bandcamp page at is available for streaming, downloading, and purchasing of all the latest releases.
  • Earlier releases from 1998-2018 are available for streaming and free download on the Finnish music portal
  • The earliest releases (1990-1997) exist as cassettes only; should anybody be really interested in those, I still do have the master tapes and have archived them into digital format.